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2016-05-02 22:34:23 (UTC)

Storms brewing all around me...

I think I have finally got a handle on this corporation thing.
I did some research today. I will be calling the Secretary of
States office tomorrow to make sure all of our paperwork is
in order showing the recent change.

I sent in a stack of paperwork to MLS. As much as I pay them
to be a member, they should stop by here, fill it out and take
it there themselves. But, we do not live in a perfect world..
I sent it to them last night. No changes made yet. But I
will give them some time. There? I will go in person to
take care of that one...since I need to stop in there anyway.

I learned there is an annual report required. I will need to find
out who does prepares that. me or the accountant? I should have
asked for a salary.

The inspector has still not sent my report. I just talked to
him and hope he is sending it soon. I do not think I will ever
use him again. I should have had that darn thing before the
weekend. I have a time limit to ask for repairs. This
could screw me up.

Everything else is up to date.

I went to the eye doctor this morning. She told me the opposite
of what the doctor told me that I had been going too. One, She
said my vision has improved. Two, I do not need the stigmatizm
lenses at all. I walked out there with new contacts. She ordered
a yrs supply. Told me not to open the boxes when they come
until I am happy for sure with these contacts. So far so good.

I will go get a pair of glasses to wear when I am not wearing
contacts at the end of the month
todays visit cost me 547.00

Insurance will pay 19 bucks. WOW...gee thanks