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2016-05-01 18:09:38 (UTC)

Sunday breezes in the rain

It rained hard here last night. A great night to catch up on
some sleep. I felt more rested today that as far as I can
remember. I even noticed that I could walk up and down the hall
from my bedroom to my office without much pain today. Maybe rest
is the key?

Been trying to get these files saved as it is a part of my
job now. He gave me a flash drive with some, but I have been
adding a few myself and catching it up to date.

Now, I know what is going on and what is expected to be received
this week to finish out some things. I even found a mistake in
one of our listings in regards to square footage and went into
all areas to correct it.

I am now finally complete with all this today. I will do no more
unless of course someone calls wanting me to show property. I am
always ready for that. I do have a lady still looking for a condo
she is paying cash for. I just can not find one to suit her yet.

Maybe we will get lucky next week.

That damn inspector is taking his time sending me a report.
I needed it before now. He said yesterday he was sending it.
I did not receive it this morning. So, I sent an email. He called
while I was in the shower but never sent it. I have now called
him back...waiting to hear back. Whatever. If he has lost it
or cannot produce least a summary...and a invoice, I
will have to hire another inspector to take care of it.
God I hate that.

My husband is getting hateful trying to turn on the oven of
this new range we have. He cooked pancakes this morning..and
it is cleaned up and ready to use for dinner. He wants
to cook a ham, so he is trying to figure out how to turn
the oven on. Reading every page of the manual. I walked over
to help by just looking at the controls and he bite my head
off....I was scolded and told to get away.....

so I guess we know who the damn range was bought for...

He ordered a new dishwasher to match it...that will come
this week. He could not open the oven door without scraping
the handles to the dishwasher. We been having issues with
that dishwasher so he went and ordered one with the handles
that do not stick out. Then...he realized that all he has to
do is open the dishwasher door all the way...and the oven
door will open. LOL

If I could figure out how to get a new refrigerator out of
all this....I would.

But looks like I will be waiting until he starts knocking
down walls for that. But I doubt it will ever happen.
Now he will complain about that building he wants to build.

( to put his very important stuff that he never uses, touches or
thinks about in so he won't have to donate or throw things away )

Fat chance of that that he has rented a storage
building that he has crammed all those things into.


I am paying off bills and trying to save another next egg.