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2016-04-30 17:56:24 (UTC)


Mood: Relaxed
Song: Independence day By Martina McBride
Color: Bronze

So i now have a Keurig Coffee maker in my room it's on my desk...
and i'm really happy about it.
It's the small things guys!
I had the Keurig for a while now but it wasn't in use but now since we moved i actually have room for it, and a certain person in the house is about ruined me for coffee(shocking right?!?!) but now i can have my own coffee and it will be good without hurting or offending anyone (hopefully)
So i'm having my first cup of coffee from it right now and i just want to say... mmmm!

okay so i had no idea there were so many different K-cup coffee flavors...
when i went to the store yesterday i said i was going to go look for some coffee and i went down that isle and there was literally half an isle devoted to Keurig coffee. which is kind of insane.
But i ended up coming home with french vanilla and Chocolate Raspberry which is what i'm drinking right now and it is amazing...
the smell when it's brewing is amazing.

So yeah that's what's new in my life...

It's Saturday and i woke up to half of my family already gone for the day so just me and Tara and my grandma home today...
idk maybe i'll go do something with my day instead of staying glued to my computer...
I mean it's a big world out there not so much in here.
we'll see what i get up to today :)

Hope your Day is going good whoever you are and wherever you are and whenever you are.