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2016-04-30 11:46:03 (UTC)

Sad but progressive day

I had to drive back to the lawyers office to pick up the company
check after property was recorded yesterday. The attorney had
said "come by after lunch". So, I was there after 1:30. The
lady said it had not been recorded and she could not disperse
funds until it has been recorded. I reminded her what he had
said after the closing since she was standing there. So, she
called him. Apparently the lawyer himself was going to courthouses
across the area recording all the properties from closings
from the day before. I guess that is why the cost was more reasonable,
so I can not complain.

She finally got in touch with him and he had recorded it so, she
then started working on getting the check ready. Usually when I
go to a lawyers office the next day, the check has been created,
copies of everything is attached to it....but not these people...
so, I waited some more....

on my drive to meet the boss, I wondered how he would look. It has
been a while since I saw him. He sounds like his old self when we
speak. But that last time I saw him...was when he first learned
about the liver cancer. Not really that long ago. But still,
I knew I had to prepare myself for this. So, I said a prayer to
be strong.

He walked into the room carrying that box of files. He has lost
some more weight, actually lots more. His skin has a yellowish
tent to it now. He is clearly a very ill man.

He sat down...and said something about the horrible traffic. I
had volunteered to meet him closer to his place, but he said
he would drive to me this time. I will remember this next time
we need to meet. He does not need to be driving this far.

We went over the mail that had come to the PO box addressed to
me....and he explained some of the files. We talked briefly
about a couple things we have going on together...and he stood
up to give me a hug before he left. I was stunned so much
from it all...that I looked up to watch him walk out...and he
was already gone. I had to sit there a while before leaving
to my car.

The seriousness of this situation has hit me hard. And I am
almost overwhelmed by it. I want him to get a transplant and
get better. But will that happen? Can this very ill person
recover from this horrible thing?

I am not sure now. I do know that it does not look good.
I am losing hope.