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2016-04-28 23:37:26 (UTC)

One down one to go

I walked into the lawyers office to see sitting side by side
right in front of the door two ladies wearing the same t-shirt with
glitter letters and pink and grey fire like symbols. I was
stunned just a bit as I sat down beside of my client who was
being very quiet.

It was like being in shock for a few seconds. I almost said to
him...if I had known, we could have worn matching tops. LOL

But I did not. The closing was short and sweet ending on a
good note with everyone involved glad to leave. I was one
of them.

On my way home, I rode by this old house a friend of mine once
lived in. The memories of those years are leaving me. I am
experiencing that a lot. But it felt good to see that old
house still standing with a new family. I wonder sometimes
where are those people I once knew?

My phone started acting weird. I was getting calls, but it
was not ringing. So, I would have voice mails...or a symbol
saying I had a missed call.

I was here a while ago and I missed a call from a number that
I recognized seeing before but was unsure who it was. I looked
it up on whitepages dot com and lord, it was the boss's house.
So, I called it back...and got a fax sound. So, I called his
cell. No answer. Oh shit. I was so worried. MY stomach
sank...I just sat here waiting for my phone to ring.

Then, I started this post. My phone was him again...
or his number. It was indeed him asking how things went today.
We are meeting up tomorrow...he still gets the checks..and
writes us a new one. So, I will be meeting him
tomorrow to take care of all that. He sounded like he felt
pretty good. Glad that he is feeling good.

Now...I need to discuss some things with my son. He wanted
me to get him some life insurance. I found some. That boy
needs to stop smoking for sure. But that is him. I am
glad I stopped that silly shit.


my husband wants to start a diet next week where we pick two
days that we only drink...and do not eat. LOL

Not sure how that will work...but I am glad that he is
actually is the only thing he is doing.

I do not see anything else happening.

Oh, I get a new range tomorrow....after cooking with 1 and
a half burner for 20 years. LOL

I am going to insist he get rid of the sofa soon. I want
that nasty thing out of here. We can get two recylners...
and use them for now...I told him it would be easier to
have the floors done if we have less furniture to move.

He agreed.

He agreed.