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2016-04-27 23:30:07 (UTC)


Spent the morning talking to eye doctors and doctor offices that
perform colonoscopies. What a bunch of running around. First
called the same outfit that did my old mans. They did not accept
my insurance. So, I called the doctor I have had that has done it
every 5 yrs since I was 50. They are not in my network....

so, I went to my insurance website and looked for one. Found
one or two but could not pronounce last names...but ended up
calling one of their offices. I was told that yes I was in their
network, but I would have to call my insurance company to be sure
that they pay for it. I gave up on that...

I had made an appointment to go to eye doctor this coming Monday.
I will be cancelling it tomorrow. I figured something out today.
I can drive and walk around just fine with no glasses or contacts.
I have reading glasses that I can throw on if I need to read
something close up...there was a time when I could not see the
clock across the room or the numbers on the TV showing channel
or time. But I can now. DUH?

I guess wearing the contacts has helped my eye to shape themselves
the way they need to be. And maybe all this issue with that one
eye was a way to reveal this new thing about me.

So, I am cancelling that one. Giving my eye a rest without

I will be fine.

My husband watched Doctor OZ today. Now he wants to go on a diet
where we pick two days of the week where we do not eat...just drink
fluids. Oh man....

He said we could lose 30 or so pounds in 8 weeks.

If you want to try this honey...I will do it too.

( Thank God for drive threw ) lol