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2016-04-27 20:06:10 (UTC)

The times are a changing

Mood: Anxious
Song: What's up by 4 Non Blondes.
Color: green with pink flecks

Change... it seems that and negative pessimism are the themes of this Diary, with a few sprinkles of writing challenges and a slash of hope for myself and humanity.

If you had told me 2 years ago where i'd be right now i'd have never believed you.
If you'd have told me 4 years ago i'd be friends with Hannah and Brandyce i'd have never believed you.
If you had told me that I would be almost 6 years ago that i'd be 22 without a plan i'd have never believed you.
If you had told me 8 years ago all the people that would come and go in my life i would have never believed you.

Change is a part of life, it happens and so many changes that were hard as pretty much all change is hard for me, brought all these good things, and good memories, and it changed me hopefully for the better...
I mean i hope 2 years from now i'm a better person than i am today.
Is it weird that in two years i don't think that anything will be the same as it is right now?
The place i live, the church i go to, the way i live, the friends i have, the choices i make, the people i love...ect.

The only thing i tink is going to be the same is this:
Me constantly being interrupted and having to cut entry's short.

But i will say this...this season of life is ending and another is starting for me, my family, and my friends...
Hannah's getting married...
Brandyce is finding her place in life same as me.
And the kids? well they are growing up.