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2016-04-27 00:14:44 (UTC)

Feeling better

I contacted our local MS system yesterday to find out what I need
to do to update our record there to be broker in charge. So this
afternoon, I received their response. They sent four documents that
were required to be filled out, with other forms, or copies of
this and that, a letter, the list went on and on. It was easier to
go through Raleigh. The commission was not this complicated.

It took most of my afternoon to get it all together. I texted the
boss to let him know about all this. I was going to have to have
him sign a page or two, and answer some questions about our company.

So, he called me.

OMG he sounded so good today. He said the text came back..
the cancer has not spread. He is still on the transplant list...
and he felt much better today. I was so happy...once again.

We will meet up on Friday to take care of all this paper work.
I have a closing on Thursday. So, I will have a check for him...

But slowly but surely, we are going through this transition.
I checked the state website. They already have me listed as
BIC. It will take a week to get the MLS site updated. But
we are getting there.

Took my car to have brakes. Ended up getting a rotor, brakes, a set
of new tires, and they inspected it too. So, my car is like new
again. He drove it while I followed him there. I could see my
car going down the road...and it looks so good. I love it.

I am feeling much better today too. Not worried so much...

The inspector is finishing the inspection tomorrow...

The other broker told me that when he left that house, he
left it open. The doors were not only left unlocked, but standing
wide open. Not good. I did not give him too much hell about it.
I told her he must have thought that there were others in the house.
We did not tell him when we all left. Lord.

Things are going ok now....

I am already wishing he was back at work. Riding with him to
pick up my car was horrible. He was screaming at other drivers...
it was crazy.

I was happy to get my car back....driving like a new one too.