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2016-04-25 21:46:40 (UTC)

Bad day, one thing after another

The boss called this morning instructing me to go ahead with
sending in the forms. Said he was at the hospital and he was
not feeling too well. Supposed to do another MRI this afternoon
so they will know if he stays on transplant list or not. He told
me he did not want to lay around dying for a long period of time.
I tried to help him be positive. But there is nothing positive about
being this sick. I just told him I would do what he said.

So, I got off the phone and emailed the forms, then called the
real estate commission to be sure all was in order. Then I called
the secretary of state office to tell them of the changes...

he called again before I left for the inspection....of a house I
have under contract. He gave me the passwords to some
I could go into those sites and get information.....I wrote it all
down..and anything else he said.

I left here feeling very sad.

I get to the inspection. The woman was there with her son. I was
not expecting this. I thought the man was going to stop by
after work. This was not going to work. The inspector cannot
have a kid running around after him...he does not need any
distractions. I let them go inside the house so the kid could
check out the upstairs he could choose his room...then
I said...we need to go and walked them out to the car.

Before I left, she told me that her boyfriends motorcycle caught
on fire under the the house we are closing on this week.
HUH? He will have it cleaned up and moved by then...but it could
have and came close to burning that place down.

I left there to meet my husband for a late lunch. Then we went to
home depot to pick out a range. I choose a GE. White. Just like
I wanted. Someone suggested that we replace the burners...

we only had two that worked...and it was time....that range is
as old as my son...and he is in his mid 30's.....we have replaced
the burners many is shot.

It comes on Friday.

I checked my phone and realized I already had a message from the
inspector. He told me that...he had to leave before finishing.
His dad had passed away. Said he would try to get back in
there tomorrow. I was what? Lord have mercy....

My boss in hospital...
my client almost burns his house down...
inspector's dad dies and he cannot finish inspection...

With all this...I am very grateful to still have my husband...
and I still have my grandkids....and although
I am going through changes with my career...I am grateful
to have had the best honest boss in this business....I can
not imagine life without him.

I really want him to get better.....

My daughter has a 200 house under contract and she is getting
both sides of the she will be able to purchase her
daughter a car. She is so happy about that. I know I was
happy when we purchased her a car....changes....

then the middle granddaughter is going to Washington this
week...and she got new contacts. She is a happy girl too...

I am very grateful for all that is going well.

Praying still for my boss....