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2016-04-24 20:45:34 (UTC)

Last :(

Finally...but I am almost positive for sure that him telling me
that we should meet tomorrow at home depot after my mid morning
meeting so we can pick out a new range is just a delay in the
work on this house he has promised.

Looks like he did not make as much money as he thought...but
as I told him today...when he goes to the grocery store and
spends as much money as he does so many times in one week...
that adds up.

I also told him that when I have to throw food in the trash because
the frig did not keep it fresh....that is also wasting money.

Honestly I do not care anymore....

I have already told him I do not want stainless steel. Just get
the white. Cheaper in white and easier to clean. Who cares?

I want a smooth top range. He has decided he wants the one with
the separate burners. He has it in his head that we would have
to buy new pots and pans to get a smooth top. So, I pulled up
the information today...and proved to him that with all the pots
and pans we have...only one would have to go.

And that one needed to go ten years I am pleased.
He is pleased cause he will get to buy a new frying pan...


We looked at refrigerators on line. Just to see if there was
anything...I told him we could just get one that is cheaper
to use for now...and if we ever do get a bigger one...this
one could go in the garage. More freezer space...and a place
for sodas out there. Not sure if that is going to happen or

but we shall see how tomorrow goes.

I may get my he can use all this as his excuse to
not do work inside the house right now...which is ok too.
Just do the sliding and replace the damn windows..for now.
I am ok with that and replacing the carpet.

The only reason for all this tomorrow of the two
burners on our stove stopped working....

we only have one small burner that we can use now....

time to buy a range.....
and maybe a refrigerator too.

this will be a busy week for me.
As happy as I am to finally have a stove that I can cook
and bake with....

I really did not need another thing on my list of things to do...