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2016-04-23 18:11:58 (UTC)

420 arising

It was 4-20 when my latest deal went under contract. It was
a great dream home perfect for this family...I was so happy...

then I received a new debit card and the expiration date is

It was 36 years ago on 4/20 that I got the call that he
was dead from another motorcycle accident. Heart broke
in ways and places that even then I had no idea how much..
and if ever things would ever be the same....

all my dreams of being with that man were over...

I was ok to start over and move on....and I did.
It was hard....I made some mistakes along the way...

but this year for sure...I know he was letting me know
that he is aware of things and he is still watching over.

Talked to the boss...again. I talked to him early in the
week...then after I had sent him a couple of
I am required to do...and he usually at least calls me
to ask about them...but not this I called him
yesterday to touch base...and make sure he was ok. He
sounded rough. He has some appointments with the specialist
next week....he should know if it has spread...or not. If
it has...they will take him off the transplant list....
and that will be it....

I assured him I have everything ready to send in...
so he can rest....and think more about his own life...
his family..and less about the business. I got this.
He told me he was sure I could do it...he knew I could.


I will be praying...for him a lot this weekend.
I am feeling sad.

Got a busy week next week...though....

the old man is home now. That job assignment is he is home again..
and as always...

he is on the sofa all day and night...
doing nothing.