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2016-04-22 13:28:25 (UTC)


Mood: Fine
Song: silence
Color: Orange

Good morning world...
So i'm pretty sure my sister thinks i'm insane...
I walked down stairs a little bit ago after finally deciding that i wasn't going to be able to go back to sleep this morning after waking up way before my alarm and decided that i had time to do an entry and find the stuff i need for the trip to the city today and there was no reason to rush around blah blah blah if i didn't need to and so here i am...
but when i picked up my laptop and sat down on my bed i realized that the Wifi wasn't working like it will do every now and then and i realized that i would have to go down stairs and unplug it wait the 60 seconds and plug it back in and so that's what i did at barely 8 a clock i pad down stairs in my pj's a tank top and shorts with out brushing my hair or anything.
i see my grandmother and act like nothings up and then my sister walks into the living room from the kitchen and i'm just like ugh of course she's up. she bloody wakes up with the sun every morning and seeing as i'm a night owl i don't.
so she's a bit surprised to see me up so early on a day that i don't have to be and says "Morning Katie" and i nod and then hold my finger to my lips as if to say shhhh please.
and then i open the door to the closet under the stairs which i never go in and fix the wifi.
and in that moment i know that she thinks i'm crazy cause she knows nothing of the wifi.
all she sees is me walking into a closet and coming out a minute later and then with out a word i come back up stairs and write this.


It's going to be a long day today going to the city.
a long car ride with my family...
i love them dearly but things have not been going well and that doesn't bode well for this...
well here's hoping for a good day that goes over with very little drama.
and that my reason for going to the city actually turns out good as well and it's not just a waste of a trip.

i think that's all for now just got to go get ready for the day and then get through it.
take things one thing at a time.
that's been my morning so far... and i'm hoping for some good coffee later... mmm coffee.
Okay. enough rambling.