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2016-04-21 19:49:58 (UTC)

Settling down some....

I was hurting so much last night, it was almost impossible to
get any sleep. I finally took an alieve...and got some rest.
Not as I needed though....that was apparent when the
phone woke me was the listing agent asking for documents...

I went ahead and sent them too her. I did not realize that
she was taking them right then to be considered. But she
did. I was not finished drinking my first cup of coffee when
she sent me the email with the signed offer and said we are
under contract for that wonder house I showed them yesterday.


I sat there remember that girls face as she walked around in
that kitchen asking me how hard is it to remove wall paper...
then saying that she might could live with that wall paper
for a while since it was not too busy....she loved that house...
and that kitchen.

Now...I had to go meet her boyfriend on the job to pick up
a couple checks....he thought it was just to get copies of...
as they would not be used unless we became under contract.

First thing he said was he had already had a bad morning...
I stood there and reminded him of all the times he called me
wanting to see a property or ask for information about a
property that they had learned about.....just in case someone
were to be looking for a realtor......he looked confused
when I said that I was going to have more time on my hands...

then I held up the folder....
"you know what I got here inside this folder"? just bought that house we saw
yesterday....the one that you loved.....
we are UNDER will be yours in a 5 weeks..

He hugged me so tight...we both cried like babies...
just glad his buddies did not see us. He did not
believe it....but did before I left...he was trying to I call her and tell her ( his girlfriend )

I suggested taking her out to dinner...or taking a bottle
of sure what he decided....
but I left there to take checks to the lawyer with the
contract....and got copies of those checks...and took
the to the big ole ALLEN TATE.....that girl has so many
things listed.....she has to have assistance just to keep
things straight. I did not even see her. But went through
a receptionist...then her assistant.

that is the difference between working with me and an agent
with one of the big companies....

When you need me. I am there. Always

I got home to finally take out my contacts knowing that I
have a few days to rest.

I actually get to cook dinner tonight.

I love my life.