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2016-04-20 22:47:18 (UTC)

Hectic day tired evening

Mood: Good, accomplished, Tired
Song: Amazing silence
Color: Yellow

Today has been a long day but not a bad day.
It's the last day of Grow classes for the summer... Yay! ugh no offence to the program the workers the kids...but it's not my cup of tea and i'm glad for the break as is every other person involved so it's not just me.
Ugh i feel like i could just sit here in the silence and close my eyes and be perfectly content doing that.
Not sleeping but also not doing anything.
just some time to breathe and have some peace after dealing with 65 screaming children...yeah...65. screaming. children.

Random side notes dark chocolate is the best out of all the chocolates in the world.
And Strawberry lemonade Gatorade is really good it tastes like water melon...no i'm not crazy :p

I got a new notebook and mechanical pencils today...gah i love it.
I'm easily pleased a notebook, sketch pad, pens, pencils, these things are so easy yet it makes me incredibly happy :)
easily pleased, easily entertained.

not much new to speak of beyond secret plans that are yet to be revealed to anyone...Coming soon...haha
Hope things turn out well...we'll see ha i don't think anyone will understand.