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2016-04-19 03:36:53 (UTC)

Current obsessions

Mood: Energetic
Song: I'm gonna stand by you By Rachel Platten
Color: Sea Blue

Okay so lately my tastes and things have been changing a bit and i think that i just want to write down and capture some things that i'm loving right now just cause it's fun and positive.
So here we go in no particular order.

1. M&M Chocolate chunk cookies.
they are brilliant and so good and they are soft i like soft and chewy cookies not like the hard break apart and crackle kind haha.

2. Subway surfers
So this game i have had probably four different times deleted it and then later on downloaded it again...i downloaded it again what Saturday night and it's just a good classic mindless addictive game.

3. Mango Gatorade.
Something that is amazingly good that i was only recently introduced to and it was one of those "How did i not know about this moment?!"

4. Troye Sivan Music.
I love love love love alot of his music but specifically to mention Fools, Wild, Youth, and take me down AH!

5. The Youtubers Amazing Phil and Dan is not on fire.
Their videos are great lol again how did i not know???

6. Sara Teasdale Poetry
AND just more poetry in general i'm branching out more.

7. Writing
Even if it's not here on the diary i am writing a lot more lately, poetry, thoughts might be working on some stories ect.

8. Traveling
The bug has bit me again and i find my self day dreaming.
that means that there's something coming :)

9. Personality Analysis.
I like knowing about me and other people.

10. Worrying
SO yeah this isn't a positive thing on the list of my current obsessions but it is the truth and not at all surprising for me.
Though i haven't really talked to anyone yet about the things on my mind...so maybe do that sometime soon...idk it depends.

Bonus obsession lately!
I've been asking(myself mostly) lots of questions that i have no answer to...yay... -_-

so yeah that's what i'm working with lately.