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2016-04-18 23:00:31 (UTC)

Lovely day here in NC today

I was happy to walk out to the mailbox today. It was 77 degrees when I did. I was taking my time and stopped to sit on my porch for a while.
The breeze was not cool, but instead it was warm like spring was
showing up finally. Felt good to be outside.

Sitting out there without the yellow bell bushes surrounding the yard
felt off. I am getting used to it though. Still have not figured
out a way to make enough money to put up the 5000 dollar privacy fence.
But I am working on it.

Talked to the daughter today. Touching base about the end of school
year and what was up with the girls. They are growing up fast. The
youngest will be going into jr high and the middle one will be going
into high school. Hard to believe they are looking for dresses to
wear to end of the year formals. I am shocked. But it is happening.

She is in need of a car real bad. I may surprise her by picking one
up somewhere if I can make the cash. Things are going well for me.
I am showing a house tomorrow that has a 1000 dollar bonus offered to
the broker that sells it. My client really likes it. So, hey...
that would be nice.

I talked to another lady today who is a cash buyer....she wants
a house and is willing to pay up too 200k. One looking for a house
and another cash buyer looking for a condo. I sent a letter to
some to the condo owners in that town today hoping that one of them
would be willing to sell.

I stayed in today catching up the laundry. Tomorrow...I will not
even be here....I will be in Harrisburg showing property and then
way down to the most southern part of our state showing more....

I have been very busy.

The FSBO folks finally sent me the paperwork hoping that they get
an offer on that house. But I am showing him another house
tomorrow....a much nicer, newer and in a better location. I am
hoping he decided on it instead...
and I get to list the other one.

Moving right along....