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2016-04-18 04:27:17 (UTC)

I'm alive i promise!

Mood: Amused.
Song: Heads Carolina tails California By Jo Dee Messina
Color: Emerald green

Hey so i feel like it's been forever since I've been here when really it's been three days and i know that i've gone much longer without writing unfortunately but i haven't lately and so yeah I've just been kinda caught up in what feels like a totally different world.
which is kinda true.

So i feel the travel bug biting me again...i just look at the map on my wall and i just get this anticipation this feeling of anything is possible and there's so much i want to do and see.
and God willing i will.
want to know a secret that i haven't told anyone yet??
So if asked where i want to go next i've been saying that i would go to Australia to meet my penpal, which i would given the chance.
and then also to the UK to meet my other Pen pal.
But what's weird is lately i've been getting the desire, a strong desire to go to... Drum roll please....

Yeah i know very little about Russia beyond Disney's animated version of Anastasia(and then literal real research about the Romanov's and how it doesn't end the way the kids movie spins it -_- but that's life.
No seriously like I've heard it's beautiful and is rich in culture and is just amazing.
Like i want to learn more about it obviously but Russia is on my list now when it previously wasn't.
anyone from Russia out there? anyone been there? or just know some stuff about it? let me know! :)

At the same time that I'm writing this i'm trying to find some awesome travel related songs and so far i'm not finding many good results so if you happen to know of any good ones also let me know about those i will look the songs up.

i'm a wanna be poet I've written some here in the diary and have a lot of loose ends written in my notebook that no one will ever see but while i love to write poetry i also love to read it, specially when i'm down or something i think it's just amazing it think just like music poetry speaks to the soul.
it's good for you and i think that there is a type of poetry and style and Poet out there for everyone you may like the classics of Robert Frost, or you may be into darker things from Edgar Allan Poe.
Light heartedness from Emily Dickenson to thought provoking tings from Dylan Thomas.
but i have recently discovered a new poet, well not new, but new to me and that Poet is Sara Teasdale and she writes amazing poetry in a style much like mine...or mine is like hers since she was born far before i was.
I have not yet read all of her poetry but from what i've seen thus far is that she writes short and sweet and to the point but it packs a punch she has the ability to break your heart or heal it in a matter of lines and I'm kind of obsessed right now.
It's inspiring me.
might be seeing some of my poetry again soon...Maybe. ha

but for now i would like to show you some of her poems gah it's going to be hard to choose!

(It will not Change)
"It will not change now
after so many years
Life has not broken it
with parting or tears
death will not alter it
It will live on
In all of my songs for you
when i am gone."

(But not to me)
"The April night is still and sweet
with flowers on every tree
Peace comes to them on quiet feet
But not to me
My peace is hidden in his breast
where i shall never be
love comes tonight to all the rest
But not to me"

(A Cry)
"Oh there are eyes that he can see
and hands to make his hands rejoice
But to my love i must be
Only a voice
Oh there are breasts to bare his head
and lips whereon his lips can lie
But i must be until i'm dead
only a Cry"

"Life has loveliness to sell
all beautiful and splendid things
blue wave whitened on a cliff
soaring fire that sways and sings
and children's faces looking up
holding wonder like a cup

Life has loveliness to sell
Music like a curve of gold
scent of pine trees in the rain
eyes that love you arms that hold
and for the spirits still delight
Holy thoughts that star the night

Give all you have for loveliness
Buy it and never count the cost!
for one white singing hour of peace
Count many a year of strife well lost
and for a breath of ecstasy
Give all you have been or could be."

All by Sara Teasdale.

Gah! the Feels!
she's so good right? how did i not know about her poetry till now?!?!?

anyways i think that's all for now except to say that yes sometimes i drop of the face of the universe yes i will always come back and yeah i'm still alive i promise.

Okay so another thing i'm loving right now and have just listened to like 10 times in a row is the song Colder weather by the Zac Brown band...It's sad but i love it.
i love this song.
check it out if you haven't heard it. it's worth it.
Goodnight and goodbye for now.