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2016-04-16 18:01:04 (UTC)

Beautiful weekend

I am staying home today trying to take some personal time to
take some meds and get some rest. It is a beautiful day.
I love hearing the lawn mower running. He is out there cutting
grass. We are loving the new neighbors. Kinda.

They have taken down the west Virginia fence...kept their yard
cut real nice. Now, they have a contractor over there building
a workshop/garage. Being done right....we could see they took
out the old carpet and old kitchen and bath cabinets. They got
a good deal on that place. I was hoping someone would buy it
that planned taking care of it and bringing it too life again.

I have called a couple more fence companies. Hoping to get a
better deal. I did get one response where I will have to
pay 3400 to build a wooden fence. One that has to be stained
or painted at some time. Not what I wanted. Gonna have to
wait on it.

I got up this morning around 4:30. I made the coffee and turned
on the local news. Cable was out again. So, I ended up calling
them. Said there was an outage. So, I went back to bed.
Slept a couple more hours. I needed the rest anyway.

Feeling a little better. I found some meds to take. So, I did
not go to doctor. That would cost 25 bucks.

Still trying to be ready to throw on some clothes if I need to
go show something...not that there is much property out there in this
area to show anyone.

With all the buyers...I have been working with. I may have seen
every darn listing around here. Seems like it for sure.