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2016-04-14 21:31:25 (UTC)

Coming down with something....thanks

Man I was so happy the class is done. I had to leave as soon as it
ended yesterday to show a condo to one of my buyers. She loved it..
so since I had the Offer ready, we rode to her house to have her
sign it. She offered 135k which was higher than list price since
there were two other offers on the table...we were playing cash,
asking for nothing else.

He sent me an email this morning and told me that it was not accepted.
That the owners had accepted another offer. It was in MLS as under
contract but go ahead and show anyway....and he had raised the price
from 134 to 143k. Is that legal? Probably. Is it shady? Hell yeah.

So, he has it set so if we do decide to present a back up offer...
we will most likely offer a lot more than the 135. Shithead. I hate

My client is very sad and upset.

But we can keep looking. She will be fine.

I have other things going on....and two more closings pending too.
I am making lots of money so far...I love being busy.

But this afternoon, my throat began to hurt on the left side.
It feels swollen shut too...hurts real bad to swallow. I hope
that I did not pick up something from one of those people in
that class. Good lord. There are people in this area that
have reported to have mumps. That is a old illness...we should
have been vaccinated for it. I feel like shit.

I have a meeting tomorrow too....

My left knee started hurting the first day of that class. I had
my cane...and wobbled around like a 90 yr old. There were 6
women sitting in the row in front of me. All six of those
women had very expensive purses. One had a chanel...two had
loueies.....I bet there was 10k of purses on that row alone.

I thought how stupid. If they had spent that money on advertising
instead....they would have more money in the bank....stuck up
bitches too. I avoided them.

I did not have to walk up to anyone to talk...I had people walking
up to me....both days.....

I loved it.

Still glad it is over. Got a lot of questions answered on what
to do....about the company and stuff.

The boss is feeling better this week. SHowing property tomorrow.
I am happy.
bout that...

later homemade chili is ready...for the boys....