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2016-04-14 19:25:48 (UTC)

Boxes that interrupt my life.

Mood: Annoyed
Song: If everyone cared by Nickelback
Color: Orange and specks of blue.

So the down side of living in a rather large house is the fact that you can't hear someone knocking from upstairs or at the other end of the house which means that for the past two days now my life has been interrupted by the fact that when we have a box coming someone basically has to put there life on hold to wait in the front of the house for the Box to come, this was me yesterday and it's me again today and i think it's stupid. I mean i feel stupid waiting for something that may not even come today! and i literally puts everything i want or need to do on hold!

Yesterday i had to wait to sign for dads medicine and today i don't even know what the heck i'm waiting for something of moms...ugh idk.
But yeah i don't know how long this is going to take i mean yesterday they got here around five.
If it's like that today then my plans for today are basically ruined.
and i'm the only one who can do it! because it has to be signed for so T and E can't get it, my grandma would never in a million year hear to get the door and then wouldn't get there fast enough.
Mom and dad are both gone and they knew i had plans and yet here i am wasting my time waiting.

Yeah just annoyed. i'll get over it.
I mean i planned on leaving in two hours so it's not like i was supposed to be gone already but it may not be here in two hours. -_-
which means i'm gonna have to tell B that i can't help her today.
But i can't absolutely can't miss prayer meeting, but if it's not here by the time i have to leave for that then it's not coming today.

also have to come up with some gas money...Gah i hate Money -_- or rather i hate lack of money. i know i know i know! job right i'm working on it.