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2016-04-13 02:54:26 (UTC)

One line thoughts this week.

Mood: Frustrated, Hopeful
Song: This is how you remind me By Nickleback
Color: Dark Grey/Silver

I feel like i should write something but i haven't really had much i could say since Sunday.

So i think i'm going to say some of the things i haven't and it's just going to be short sentences that won't make sense to anyone really but me because i was there.
Its some thought and responses that i wouldn't or didn't say.

"Stop letting me win because your mad!"

"Quit singing that song! ugh we've all had in out heads for days!"

"Gross, strop coughing while your cooking coughing with your head turned doesn't stop the germs."

" Can you just not?"

"Go take you medicine! Of course you can't breathe you won't take your freaking medicine!"

"Can i just hide out in here for a while?"

"Why are you even talking to me if your just going to ditch?"

"oh look, You got it, ha i'm glad your doing well, glad to be the last to know....again"

"so tired"

"What am i going to do?"

"Why can't i just sleep like a normal person?"

"It was real it happened, it was from God even if i don't understand it"

"Don't minimize me"

"Are we going to be okay?"

"I can do this!"

"Wow, wasn't expecting that!"

Yeah and all this is just since Sunday... We all have those thoughts we don't say out loud.
So i dare you to tell me 3 thoughts you had in the past 3 days that you didn't say out loud.
anything, Big, small, good, bad, positive, negative ect. GO!
Tell me, tell me, tell me.
Hope the beginning of the week has been better for you than it has for me.
Hang in there though if it's been rough, take it one day at a time like i am.