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2016-04-12 00:19:26 (UTC)

Catching up on things today

I have been busy today trying to get things done around here.
I may stay over at the hotel tomorrow night if the weather is
bad. It sounds like it might be. I hate that.

What a waste of money.

Anyway...things are moving right along. I will have this class
over and done with in two days. Thank God. I have dreaded it
so much. Seriously.

I hope I get there early enough to save a seat at the back. Near
the door. I do not feel comfortable being in the front or in the
middle of a bunch of people. I like to be in the back so if I
need to leave to take a walk I can just do it. I like to be able
to get the hell out of there...if need be.

I plan on leaving early....

I cooked the best chicken pot pie today.
I also cooked a peach cobbler.

Went to the store and stocked up on sliced ham, turkey
and two types of cheese from the deli. I have sub bread....
so they can make subs tomorrow. Fresh tomatoes and lettuce too.

They are set. Both of their clothes are all laundered...
they will not need me for a few days. He is working everyday...
12 hours a son too.

If I felt better I could look at this class thing as a
mini vacation....after all, I will be at the Hilton.
Would rather be at Trump Towers. lol

Just kidding...

I promised one of my buddies who lives near there that I will
call her. Maybe Wednesday...her and I can have lunch....

I am breaking out almost like shingles...on my stomach..
it has to be my nerves...

After this is over...I am going to go to a dermatologist...
and find some help with this shit...I have done about all
I know to do. It is over my head....

very uncomfortable....

I am stressed out real bad these days....

My daughter wanted me to drive two counties over..and meet some
contractor at a house over there around 6:30am. I had to say
no. One, I would have had to drive there in the dark...
I had no idea where this place was....and meeting a
contractor at those hours? No I just could not. I hope she
figured out something else.

Anyway....I am not taking my laptop. So
I will check in Wednesday night....or Thursday...

Peace out