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2016-04-10 03:30:19 (UTC)

Slow Down

Mood: Ah I'm here.
Song: Silence
Color: Lime Green

I was so so so ready to get to the weekend this week so that things would slow down and there would be time to just chill cause this has kinda been a long week.
The weekend got here and it's like it's just flying by! its Saturday night at 10:13 already.
Gah! Just slow down i wish it could stay Saturday night for another 24 hour period, just stay on Saturday night two days in a row.
It's not that i'm dreading tomorrow or anything, there's nothing bad happening tomorrow or next week(that i'm aware of anyway) there's nothing to avoid, it's just right now is peaceful and i'm in a relatively good mood and idk i kinda want to prolong that.

Church tomorrow, and Willies Ordaining services tomorrow afternoon/night and then Business meeting(Oh Joy -_-)
I don't have any particular feelings about tomorrow, not excitement or dread, just kind of... Okay this is what were doing.
Which is weird....but hey maybe it's a step in coming out of my weird mood lately.
I'm cutting myself off of internet and phone early tonight so hopefully i go to sleep cause i have to get up early tomorrow.
but i don't see how that matters much as on Sunday's i always beat my alarm no matter how much or how little sleep i get.
Heck i still wake up every sunday at 7:40 and then fall back asleep until like 8:00

that 7:40 alarm i think is just ingrained in me...after 8 years of waking up at that time every Sunday.
And now when i wake up at that time i Roll my eyes and feel sad because i think about MSBC and how that is why i had to wake up at 7:40 every Sunday.
Now it's 8:30 For FBCG but i always wake up around 8 after dosing off from waking up from body clock at 7:40.
I told my parents i always beat my alarm...and i do but i've not told them that i still wake up at 7:40.
they'd think it was crazy and not believe me or something. haha it is crazy! cause i don't wake up like that for anything else! i'm not a morning person! sheesh.
I haven't told anyone this actually.
Anther thing i haven't told anyone is that i still have the official 7:40 alarm on my phone it's never set, but it's there not deleted.
and it's like i still want to hold on to something that i shouldn't.

But i still have a couple of deceased peoples phone numbers in my contacts because it feel wrong to delete them...it's not the same level as the alarm but it feels similar.
I know i'm weird and on that not I'm ending this entry.