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2016-04-09 12:56:11 (UTC)

Bruce Springsting cancels concerts in NC

According to all the news we are getting, that HB2 law is
causing lots of people to avoid our state. Cancelations in
the groves are happening creating much loss of revenue for
hotels, venues and all that comes with it.

Even Bruce Springsting has cancelled a concert stating that
human rights were more important than a rock concert. Seriously?

He has no idea what he is talking about. There are no other
states in our country that have a law forcing businesses to
allow just anyone who wants too to go into whatever bathroom,
locker or shower that they choose. We had to take a stand
because that is what the LBGTG folks were asking for....
and that my friends is not a creating a safe environment
for all.

Little kids and women should not have to worry about who is
in the locker room when they are showering or changing clothes...
or in the bathroom when they are using it.

To force all business to change the law that would not protect
those children and all simply wrong. We have changed
laws already to allow men to marry men, women to marry women and
receive the same benefits that others do in this
can marry whomever you want, file taxes together and carry
health insurance on one another from your workplace...

but this bathroom just a little bit too much.

Nothing should be all. Transgender people go
into what ever bathroom they want too one cares...
why stir the pot...just to force signs to be installed...
and although they doing so is creating a
dangerous environment for children and women....

when you tell some man perv that he can go into the ladies
room...if he wants too feel like a lady that day...then,
he is going to use that law to fuel his sick addiction
to children and whatever perverted thoughts going through
his head. How hard is that to understand and why in the
hell is Bruce Springsting even getting involved....

is he going to cancel all his concerts in NY too? There is
no law requiring this silly shit there....none whatsoever.

I think Bruce is just lazy....made too much money to give
a shit about his fans in NC who many have already bought tickets
and made arrangements to go to his concerts here. By cancelling
them he is showing NC and NC fans of his just how much he cares..
or does not care about them.

Blaming the fans and treating them like shit is not going
to change anything....

not yet anyway...

I think that law just simply needs to be revised to be more whom it protects and what it allows.....

punishing your fans only shows them you do not give a shit
about them at all....