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2016-04-08 19:23:16 (UTC)

Rough hands

Mood: Tired, Accomplished
Song: Lost Boy by Ruth B
Color: Light Blue

Rough hand signify to a person that they have worked hard at something.
A person who has calloused fingers have played the guitar, people who work with their hands will have rough hands.
I have rough hands.
I've worked with my dad since i was about 12 doing all kinds of jobs we've built houses, work in Carpentry, we've done electric and plumbing, We've worked on cars and we've cut down trees and we've bricked and poured cement, tiled floors painted walls we are jacks of all trades and we've done a little bit of everything and we've done jobs just the two of us that should have taken several people, we just had to figure it out and make do and make it work.
I'm a young woman and i know how to do a lot of things most girls my age don't know how to do because they were never put in the situation to learn how, but I was the only one around to help my dad and he always has said that he wanted me to know how to do things where i wouldn't have to depend on a man to do it for me.
I think the ideal situation would be that if i ever got married he and i would work together to do things similar to the way my dad and i have worked together to do things all these years.
There were dangerous jobs where we'd finish and step back and look at it and be like how did we even do that?!
you just do what you have to do he would say.

I haven't worked official Jobs, I've volunteered a alot i've done office sort of jobs, i've done gardening and mowing, weeding and such.
I've taught classes and i've worked with kids and teens.
I've taught young adults, I've Cooked and served food.
I've been to foreign country's where i've worked in orphanages and with sports teams.
I've Worked in schools and taught English.
I've done nursing home ministry's
I've done Photography Jobs and got paid for them.

I have do a lot for someone my age yet it doesn't count because i've not had a minimum wage fast food job and because i haven't set foot inside a college class.
I'm tired of feeling like i don't measure up because of this!
I have done a lot of things worth mentioning and that are good and successful!
And there's nothing anyone can say that would convince me other wise and i'm done feeling small when people ask me what i'm doing with my life.
I've done and i'm doing and i'm going to continue doing good things.
You can't make me feel guilty or inferior anymore.
I have a way's to go, we all do, we all can improve and be better but i feel accomplished for now and that's all that matters.