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2016-04-08 03:11:22 (UTC)

Blaring music,Sky Diving and Tattoos

I kinda feel like getting in my car, driving out towards Retrop swinging a left on a country road, blasting music as loud as i can and singing at the top of my lungs.
Just so that i can drown out the rest of the world...so that i can drown out the chaos and the stress, so that i can drown out the sound of my own conscious and worries and anxiety for just a little while.

I kinda want to jump out of a plane feel that gravity, that adrenaline rush and the freedom or a leap of faith, the feeling of flying and falling and just letting it all go with no thoughts or feelings except what you seeing and feeling falling out of the sky on some sort of natural High.

I kinda want to go get a tattoo right now, and capture who i am at this moment because even if i'm struggling and a lot of things suck right now there is beauty in that struggle and i feel like a tattoo would be a physical representation of all that, pain and beauty and capturing who you are and were and will be all in one making peace with the past and proving hope for the future...hmmm what should i get?

I kind of feel like we all feel this way at some point we want to hold on to who we were, embrace who we are, and look forward to the person we will become improving every day.
We all want to have adventures, we all want to vent and let out the things inside that end up poisoning us.
We all want to be unique and special we want to express what it is we are feeling and going through and we all want to be accepted and understood for those things.
Don't we all? Yes we do.
We might have different ideas of how we want to deal with our feelings and experiences it's not confined to night drives with blasting music, the desire to fly and fall, or getting a tattoo
It might be expressed in writing( look at which medium i'm actually using right now)
It might be Art
It might be talking to someone
it might be doing something physical some want to Run or wrestle or play a sport( i like to shoot hoops when i'm frustrated some times, sometimes i write sometimes i draw.
I think we as people have many outlets.

If your reading this I'm curious how do you deal with the weight of the world?
How would you like to deal with the weight of the world?

I hope that you know that you aren't alone in all the things that you carry inside you, I know that even when i feel like i am, i'm not all alone in the world.
And i hope that you have more days that are carefree than otherwise.
And even if you don't well than it makes us appreciate the good days and the amazing memories stand out and easier to hold on too.

I wish for myself and for all of you and all the one's i love this one thing: