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2016-04-06 23:40:58 (UTC)

Wisconsin? Are you seriously that lame?

The only good thing about Wisconsin is cheese and the Green Bay Packers!
The people have proven once again...that they are seriously lame and
living in la la land.

That is ok. We do not need get this done.
Not at all.
He is in New York now....where the governor has made it against
the law for government employees to come to North Carolina...
why? Because our governor stopped a new law that would have
required all buisnesses, schools, etc to allow anyone to go
into whatever bathroom they wanted if a man was
thinking he was a woman...he could go into women restroom
instead of mans. Kinda stupid. Our governor said...hell no...
you will go into the bathroom that is labeled for whatever sex
you were born as....protecting women and children from bad
people who would have used that new thing as a way to do harm.

Common sense.....

The New York governor visited CUBA...where they have concentration
camps just for anyone who is homosexuals or even thought to be...
Hmmmmm? And by the such law in NY to force businesses
to allow such a thing with bathrooms. None at all.

I am sick of all this silly ridiculous crap....
sick of watching people stomp on out flag....
and sick of feeling sick of it...


Good news...showing property again tomorrow..and someone
is looking at my commercial listing too.....tomorrow.

OMG...if it sells I won't have anything listed...
and if my buyer finds something...I am out of buyers too.

But that damn calls is stinking up and will be over with this
time next week....

my knee is hurting....very bad...