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2016-04-05 20:49:05 (UTC)

Being busy and fencing....

I was out all day yesterday with some buyers showing them property.
We found nothing. But we learned for sure that they do not want
to see anymore bank owned or foreclosed properties. What a big
disappointment that was....and the Hassle it is to make an offer
and time it is to find out anything. Most of them were horrible we have moved on.

I will be out with them later this week.

Today the fence guy was too come. My husband decided this morning
that he just did not want to go to work. So, he called in and stayed
home. I honestly believe it was because that fence guy was coming
today. In a way I am glad.

But before he came, my husband started back tracking on the type
of fence...and how high he wanted it. I had already explained what
I wanted and why. So, I started crying on his ass. I reminded him
of how nasty the neighbors had been about our privacy and just
because time has passed, I am still upset. I want my privacy...
not to mention, the kind of fence I want would help muffle the
sound of that barking dog.

Several years ago when I came home from a funeral and caught a crew
out in my backyard cutting my yellow bell bushes...which had grown
about 15 to 20 feet high in a natural state....we had lots of
rabbits living under them too. Everyone loved our bushes....cept
the neighbors....behind us. That crew had already cut a fourth of
them about 4 ft high as though they were boxwoods. I reminded him
today how they acted...I told them to stop. They did. We ended
up having to have someone come fix that. Since I had told them
that I like the bushes being in their natural state since it
helps provide privacy...asking them why would they even want to
see our yard? I only meant that compared to their yard, ours
was a eye sore. But apparently that made them want to act

So a couple times I saw both of them standing side by side at the
corner of the yard where they could see over here...just standing
there staring down this our yard. Just standing there.
Creepy as hell.

So...I told him today I want the fence to be a privacy fence...
looking finished on both side...I wanted it to be a color to
match her house....and I wanted it 6 ft tall. End of subject.

After showing him how much this meant to me, he changed his tune.
Wasted a days work for nothing...I mean I know that woman and her
husband are not together and the ugliness could have been all
him...but I told my husband today that if that was him acting
like that, I would never had stood beside him while he did it.
Just ugliness in the first degree....

I am just trying to fix things so she will be happy...over there
and leave me alone.....I do not want to see her..or her house...
and she can plant whatever she wants...which I feel would look
very nice with a nice new privacy fence as her backdrop...

pizza is in the oven...

I need to go take it out...

smells nice in here.