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2016-04-05 08:16:04 (UTC)

Ron's Health Today

Cyclizine is now back at 100mg. daily, the level it was at before, the level needed to ward off nausea. The experiment to lower it was a failure as the nausea returned. If the lethargy/weakness is to be remedied, a solution will have to be found elsewhere. Perhaps the dose of Quetiapine, one of the bi-polar drugs, is too high, causing tiredness. Certainly a dose of 225mg. has never been taken by me before. The highest I took was 100mg. Perhaps my altered digestive tract and poorer digestion has warranted a higher dose, but my lower body weight would indicate a lower dose is appropriate. These are some of the puzzling dilemas of my current situation.
Today I was assessed by the ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) nurse to be eligible for respite or permanent nursing home care. I was found to be eligible for both. At the moment we are anticipating more assistance to enable me to remain at home as long as possible, until Chris reaches her limits of coping with it all. This is an unpredictable factor.
I am currently too fatigued to continue with these diary entries. If some energy returns I will start them again.