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2016-04-04 17:47:31 (UTC)

Things you used to not be able to do.

Mood: Ugh...waking up.
Song: Some nights by Fun
Color: Blue with Orange

So this is kinda random and not what i originally planned to write but it's whats happening so with out farther ado here's my list in no particular order.

Things you can do today that you couldn't a year ago:

1. Say that I've been to four out of seven continents.
2. Snap!
3. Sing In Swahili.
4. Speak in front of people relatively confidently.
5. Say I've eaten sushi.
6. Say that I've been on a real Safari.
7. Say that i Enjoy drawing.
8. Live in a place where i have Internet access.
9. See certain people for who they are.
10. Lose every comfort zone and still survive.
11. Believe that i can change things.
12. Plan on confronting...someone. And asking my questions.
13. Say i live in a world where some people i love no longer live.

Ugh keep getting interrupted so i'm ending this here and that will just have to be that... -_-