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2016-04-04 06:28:42 (UTC)

I'm late for a very important date!

Mood: All Smiles and Exhaustion
Song: Heart of Gold by Neil Young
Color: Baby Blue

So Yeah i was supposed to write about how today went, and well this afternoon when i got back from speaking i came home and crashed slept for like 2 hours before being woke up to be rushed out the door to go to services in another town(DC)
But yeah so i did't write then cause i was just so tired, public speaking makes you tired the nerves and all that.
and tonight...I have no good excuses when i got home again around 9 i was procrastinating by watching Movies and Youtube...
But hey it's Sunday which is a day of rest lol
and hey better late then never!

No seriously today was a wonderful day one of the best that i've had in a while and i'm still riding on that good mood high.
I spoke and had minimal nervousness, i was told that i spoke well and encouraged alot of people(they them selves said that)
I was encouraged my self by Jerold's opinion of me ha he said that i had a lot of heart and that i was brave for doing the missions stuff that i've done in other country's he said that i was braver than he's ever be and that he was proud of me and that means the world to me.
I left happy and i hope that what i said today makes a difference in peoples lives.

Dad's leading music in services this week today through Wednesday which is great except for the whole and Danny R. Is speaking which is... -_- well yeah....
But anyway.....

Today was just all around a good day i got good rest last night this morning my speaking went well, Got more rest this afternoon which i needed, tonight was good and then i just got to chill and watch movies and then Brandyce called a little bit ago i talked to her for about an hour and that was good. :)
Just a good day.
And now i think i'm going to read a bit and try to get some sleep cause i have got to get out of the habit of staying up till 3:30 and waking up late. ha and it's already 1:27am right now so technically it's already tomorrow...
in which case...i'm blessed cause i've made it to another day and if your reading this so have you...so Be blessed.

That's all for now i think.
Peace! :)