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2016-04-03 23:38:11 (UTC)

Feeling stuffed like a pig

I swear man. I almost feel like someone has blown air into my
stomach. It is so bloated. The skin is real tight like when I
was ready to deliver my babies at over 9 months. I look pregnant.

Went to Old Navy today to look at the loose fitting dresses...that
I have seen advertised. I have not been in there since I gained
all this weight. Not sure if they even cater to fat asses like
me....although my ass is not really all that fat...I look pregnant.

I found one, pink, with pleats to make it fit loose. I got an
extra large in that one. Another one looked like I may need
one of the extra extra large. Well, I am going to have to take
it back...and the denim shirt type blouse that I got in that same
size. Both of those items are way to bigThe for is like
I see a bigger person than I really am. I know I am a fat ass..
I could barely get into my jeans..and they were size 18. Can you
believe it? AN 18 !!! All because of the waist area...being so
big. It is crazy. I could be anorexic or something but in a larger size. I will put that bag in my car and ride by there if I have
time on my way home tomorrow.

I will be showing property all day tomorrow...and hoping we find
something that comes close....

I touched base with the older lady who had me showing her condos
last weekend. She never called back. I think she has a drinking
issue. She acts crazy as a bat. I tried to help her. I found one
that was just what she was asking for....but she wants to live
in a particular zip code. But then again...she did like the place
I showed her. I did learn how much it cost to put a chair lift
on the stairs....and it really is not that much.

Maybe she will call me back this week.

This is my last free week...before the 12 hours of class..
next week. I go from 1-5 on Tuesday next week and 8-5
on Wednesday. I will be so happy to have this over with.
This is the class I tried to take on line...but it did not
work out....

it was a class that was set up kind of like face time.
even after buying so many new computers last year...
I could get it too work. So, now with the boss ill...
I have to do it for sure now...he needs me to be broker
in charge qualified in case he needs me to be the bic.

Then....we can take the bic update classes together...

God I am praying he gets better. I will die without him.

Anyway...after tomorrow...I still have things going on...
and hoping to get another one under contract. I like that...
it feels too good....for real.

Still getting things cleaned up round here too. He cut grass today
and actually clean up some of the garage. I was shocked....

I will be talking to someone about that fence soon too...
that is on my list of things to do....
for sure.

Ms prissy butt things she has one on me. She will know
different when she comes home to a privacy fence between us..