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2016-04-03 07:39:12 (UTC)

Last minute

Mood: Excited, Anxious, Tired
Song: Fools By Troye Sivan
Color: Sunset Orange

So this will be a very short last minute entry before i go to bed because it is so late i just got home took a shower finished my notes for my speaking tomorrow and i feel ready for it, i'm nervous excited.
I want to do a good job, i want Jerold to be Proud and satisfied with what i came up with, i hope he's not disappointed!
I just want to do well and it be a good experience.
I want God to speak through me and i'm thinking i have a divine appointment... otherwise i wouldn't have the opportunity.

I will write about it after and let ya know how it went.

For now all i can say is:

1. My mom is amazing.
2. It's so late!
3. I have to get up early.
4. Please please please let it go well!
5. Goodnight to all and to all a goodnight.
6. I hope i sleep and sleep well and wake up rested and ready fresh and all that good stuff...

7. Peace