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2016-04-02 21:16:11 (UTC)

Lazy Saturday...

I am sitting in bed as I listen to the wind blowing the curtains
in my room once and a while...watching Lost in Translation....
cool movie.

My weekend is slow. My client did not like the house
I take them back out on Monday...but I am still not sure if they
are ready to make offers. I need to have that conversation with them.
Sometimes it is best to wait...a while until things are closer to settled on the sale before looking. We shall see....although the one I have
for them Monday is perfect. I just hope they do not lose it.

I noticed that the guy my old friend dealt with while in rehab...the
one from her past that was in a wheelchair...passed away this week.
I have not reached out to her since our falling out, but I did think
this was a time to do so. She responding filling me in on the details..
apparently she was there with him and his family when he passed away.
He has really had a rough time. His service is Monday...
we did not discuss anything else. I am leaving it at that...

Not sure if I have the patience to be involved with BFFs again.
That whole situation was a wake up call where I feel better staying
the hell away from people....unless they want to sell or buy

I do not need to talk to anyone about anything...

after all

I got you guys....and this place.

I just wanted to let her know I hated to hear it and was
thinking about her....that is all....end of that.

So, today, I am washing some of my clothes...and laying around
with pajamas on and coconut oil all over
legs...arms...stomach...neck and face. I read it was good
for your skin...and hair. We shall see.

Oh yeah...I been taking that stuff I ordered...
for skin and hair...and for hormonal support for women...
I actually feel like that stuff is helping me some...

so...with that being said...I will continue taking it.
Usually if I do not feel results...I just stop it.

So....this son was looking at the flooring of
our deck through the glass door..and alerted us to these
flying bugs...not sure what they were...ants or termites...
but they were swarming....through the was
horrible. My husband responded that he would take care
of that later.....

well...later came and I asked him if he had taken care of
it..and he said he was getting ready too...and opened the
pantry door..reached for the raid.

Can you believe that man believes that a spray can of raid
will take care of the problem he only saw a small portion

Another thing on my list of things to do...if I ever start
making open the pool...and take care of the
flying creatures and mosquitos too...this will be done..

and hoping that fence guy will call soon too.

That needs to be scheduled and taken care of.....soon!