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2016-04-02 02:59:29 (UTC)

I am who i am

Mood: Good, normal, i feel lucky.
Song: Eyes wide Open by Sabrina Carpenter
Color: Teal

So...Yeah I'm in a good mood and i think that has alot to do with my mom being back from Georgia and all of us just being home together again, there is something to be said for everyone being in their places that is just...right, good, normal. You know?

But also...idk i just have this anticipation this feeling that maybe something good might happen?
Idk either the feeling is true and i'm in store for some type of blessing, or something terrible is going to happen...
I can only think of one thing that i really really don't want to happen and that is dad throwing off my plans of mom going with me to speak Sunday and he's already tried well he's alread mentioned something to mom about how they won't have anyone for music.
He should have thought about that earlier and he shouldn't screw up my plans because he sat around doing nothing about it knowing he might have needed to.

But that is all... like i have no anxiety about speaking which is weird for me.
and i just feel all this hope welling up...
I mean i'm sitting here smiling to myself... like what?!? lol

I watched the sunset and just enjoyed the evening and the fading light.
I've been to different states and different country's and i can say that here where i'm from(Oklahoma) well...we have the beauty, we have the sky...
Like we own it...

And you know i'm just a girl from a small town in a small state in the middle of no where basically...But it's who i am.
I was thinking about it as i was enjoying the sunset.
I was thinking about how i am just me, and how i'm dressed and how i look is the most basic me right now, how i'm just in jeans and a T shirt, how i was barefoot and i had no make up on and my hair was all natural, not straitened or curled(It's naturally messy Curls)
I mean it just struck me how simple the simplest i can be is and how that in it's self is beautiful.
I mean i just feel like myself...and i felt comfortable in my own skin and with who i am, the girl from a small town in Oklahoma.
I think that it's beautiful when people Embrace who they are and who they were and who they can be all at once.

Never despise humble beginnings.
I think i'm going to see things that some people never do, i already have.
I think that realizing how small you are and then realizing how special you are in one swoop is a very humbling experience.

I'm just me and anything good in me comes from Him^