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2016-03-31 23:38:12 (UTC)

Moving right along...

What a day. I hate I have some sort of anxiety disorder that
prevents me from sleeping well on night before I have a busy
important day. So, I was unable to sleep well last night....
maybe 2 or 3 hours at the most.

But I had all my paper work ready, files
charged....and all that.

I had to drive two counties over to meet a lady to show her
condos. This was a good day to use that 485 bypass. It worked
great. I was there n less than 30 minutes with plenty of time
to spare...I was able to ride by the condos so I was sure where
they were...I found two that were for sale by owners...and that
was great. The lady liked one I showed her today...and we meet
again on Sunday. She was sweet.

Then back home to wait on the other guy...I had to drive to
meet him...we sat at a eating place in a booth while he signed
the offer to purchase contract. We discussed the homes I am
showing him and his girlfriend next week....he is so excited...
happy camper that I finally sold his property. I hope it
stays on track and nothing goes wrong.

I stopped into the post office to check my mail box. I had four
post cards that were returned undeliverable. That is great...
cause I mailed out around 500. Only 4 came back? Cool...

talked to the boss a couple times today.....when I got home...
I had to fax the offer to the other broker....and copies of
everything to the boss....I am done for a couple of days...

It all goes well...I will make around 6500 bucks within the
next 30 days. That should build a very nice fence...and
get the pool open. Hell, I will pay for it...and also get
someone out here to do some yard work for me while he is at

I am really enjoying the cleaner looking really is
great to have those bushes down. I am so happy now about that.

He has two more months to work...and then he should start working
on the house...the sliding, new windows...doors...etc.
I am going to live somewhere else during all that...

so with business picking back up....I am fine with the way
things are going. He is working his butt off....

the son is now working at a new company. He got shitted out
of his last weeks paycheck from the last place. They are a
sorry bunch of organized criminals...I would love to slap
the shit out of the owner. But hey...sometimes just thinking
it helps a little.

he has some money saved he will be fine. He is happy
with the new company....he and his crew were hand picked to
work there by the owner. Hand picked. My son was happy to
finally be appreciated. Now...he won't have to work outside
in the cold or hot weather for the rest of his life...his
options are better. looking toward the future just like I
asked him too.

Things are going well.

I miss no one.