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2016-03-31 04:16:20 (UTC)

Scary Dream

Mood: Ugh
Song: Heads Carolina Tails California By Jo Dee Messina
Color: Mauve? grayish purple...

So after Grow classes i came home and took a nap, didn't particularly mean to fall asleep it just happened and i had this weird scary dream and i feel like it maybe somewhat prophetic or something.
It feels...Important it's significant.
Even though what happened in the dream won't happen for logical reasons i think that it means something.
all dreams even ridicules one's mean something.
But this one shook me up, and i've been on a not really remembering my dreams kick( which is really weird for me)
I mean besides this one the last dream i remember having recently is me being angry at Em for something....which is also weird but it was just a dream...

anyways on to the dream.

I was on a road at the top of this really steep sand hill at the bottom of the hill was this drop off or cliff? of several feet and at the bottom was the ocean.
Like i said i was at the top on a road talking with someone and older guy who spoke a different language(i'm not sure what language it didn't sound like one i'd heard before) but i was able to understand a word here and there of what he said like "Hands" and "water"( that's the only two i remember but i know me in the dream caught more)
The guy pulls out of his pocket what i think is a map and it blows out of his hand and i say to him that I'd run and get it.
It blows off onto the steep hill and sticks in the sand so i take a step or two onto it holding onto a rock so that i don't fall and start slipping down the hill, i just manage to get my fingers on the map when i lose my grip and start slipping down the hill and it's sand...you can grab it to hold on and your feet just sink into it and i slip down the hill and fall off the drop off into the ocean.
I look up and see the older man watching and i see him point to the shore which is a couple miles away and i start to swim in that direction when i feel this like... overwheling fear of the water, of how deep it is, of how i can't see down in it, of like sharks coming up and then i feel this gravity pulling me down and it takes almost all my strength to swim upwards and keep my head above the water let alone swimming forwards toward the shore, but i do and it's so so so slow it's like i'm carrying hundreds of pounds of pressure but nothing is on me.
when suddenly i hear a voice say in English "you'll be cursed when you come in and you'll be cursed when you go out"
and i look around trying to see who said that but no one's around i'm alone in the ocean.
and when i looked around i got distracted from my swimming and the gravity force(which was pulling me the whole time but i was focused on staying up) pulled at me and i lost concentration and i remember waking up from the dream right before my head went underwater and i woke up jerking and kicked like i was in the dream.
my heard was racing and i felt scared.

It's so weird about the water though...cause if you know me i'm like a fish i love the water, i love to swim and i am a strong swimmer.
so being afraid of the water and having such slow progress in the swimming was weird to me both in the dream and now that i'm looking back on it.
And like the force of gravity...that was intense and weird and scary and not...that doesn't happen in really life.
if anything people float in water not sink.

Ugh.... I'm just unnerved by the dream...for so many reasons...

like the swimming, the being afraid of water, The man speaking a language i don't know, The whole cursed thing -_-


I don't get it.
I need some outside person to analyze this dream.
It's difficult to analyze your own dreams, but then on the other hand you are the only person who can because you are the only one who saw and felt exactly what you did.

anyways thats that....
hopefully.... i figure something out about it.