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2016-03-29 20:49:13 (UTC)

Trust or skepticism?

Mood: thoughtful
Song: Trouble Maker By Olly Murs
Color: Pink and Grey

What do you think?
Do people change?
Do our past mistakes ever really Go away in the eye's of other people?
Am i forgiven the way that i forgive? if so is that a good thing or a bad thing?
cause some people i forgive easily over and over i've got a world of Chances for them.
and then others...there actions are things i can't seem to let go of.
And so...Which one is the one i'm judged by?

A fault of mine is that with some people i believe anything they say and i take them at their word, when maybe i shouldn't because of past events.
And then there are other people that i constantly question(not really to their face unless it's something obviously Ridicules.)
But when they are speaking i'll be thinking "what are they even on about?"
and even after conversations i'll be like " they are crazy if they think i believed that" or "were they being honest" or "were they sincere?"
Weather they have lied to me in the past or not.

I do not know why i do this...it's like either way the believing or being skeptical i'm screwed either way.

which way do you lean on the spectrum? are you too trusting or too skeptical?

I think that we all have people that we let into our heads and we'd listen to them no matter what.
And i think we all have people that we will always question no matter what.
But i think that we lean more toward one way or another.

Ugh i'm tired i think i want a nap but i don't think i'm going to get one...
Its the weather it's all dark and gloomy today.

Anyways that's all for now