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2016-03-29 04:29:08 (UTC)

Happy Birthday

Mood: Tired, Warm, Happy Content, did i mention tired?
Song: My youth By Troye Sivan (I'm Obsessed with this song...)
Color: Light Pink( like rose pink or Blush)

I would like to Wish my Friend B Lo a happy birthday and say welcome to the family my Brother!
Yes you made a decision tonight God was speaking to you tonight, he was there and he was working and you....You understood and you got it tonight and I am so Proud and so so so happy for you.

I know your scared of what this means...
Your day's now will be filled with a difficulty that you didn't once have but now do.
It's almost like living with a target on your back...but it's worth it. it's worth all the struggles cause he loves you and you'll never be alone.
And not just him but you've got me and my family and our friends and you've got what it takes to be who God means for you to be.
Don't fall back into old temptations.
Don't look back and don't let anyone drag you down.

You'll probably never see this but that's okay you know that i'm happy for you and you know that i'm always here if you need me.
I 'll be praying for you always and i can not wait to see the wonderful person that your becoming out of the Great person you already are.
Hold on, hang in there.
These are no where near the best years of your life...
God has big plans and an amazing purpose for your life.
Stay true and fulfill them in his name.
I love you lots
Your friend