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2016-03-27 23:20:50 (UTC)

Today and Then next

Mood: Melancholy
Song: Youth By Troye Sivan
Color: Orange

So today went well, Services were good, beautiful.
Brandyce came and she was the only one who came to church and it felt good her being here, It kind of felt like good times And then after we came home made lunch together while the rest of my family went about their Easter plans and B Lo came over and hung out and did a small chunk of his community service...but mostly goofed of with B and i.
But i was a good afternoon none the less.
We talked and listened to music and played Scatiories.

They've both gone now and i'm on my own i very much considered going to church services somewhere(since we aren't having services here)
But i don't know if anywhere else is having services for sure and i don't particularly want to go alone and right now everyone's napping.
(are we really that boring?)

But idk after B and BLo left i just feel melancholy, lonely.
I'll get over it i guess.
No choice really.
But idk i just kinda hope today holds more than just me going down stairs in an hour or two and everyone's awake but we don't do anything and my mom packs and then we all go to bed...
I just kinda want something more to happen this evening than just the usual. We'll see.

But yeah moms leaving on her trip Tomorrow and won't be back till Friday which may be part of why i feel Melancholy cause i'm left in a house of crazy people with out her lol

But that's about it for now...
That's how today and what's happening tomorrow.