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2016-03-27 04:59:58 (UTC)

Company and Tomorrow

Tomorrow i have company coming for church and then Lunch.
It should be B, Brandon, Tristan, and Kamber and I'm excited to see them and to just hang out and be together.
Things have been so messed up and then busy and just... ugh that we really haven't had time to hang out and when we try to make plans to they've fell through.
But tomorrow is on...to the best of my knowledge.

Hmm it think it just started raining outside...ohh maybe tonight we'll have a storm, i sleep so good during storms it's weird but i hear it and its like it's comforting and lulling me to sleep.
And i love how you can smell the rain...

I finished putting together the girls Easter baskets with a few small things and then of course some Easter eggs with Candy in them, Which the left over Jolly Rancer jelly beans...they are currently in my possession lol(they are my favorite.)

What's your favorite Easter Candy?
(and please don't say peeps!)

Anyway's I'm making Mexican food tomorrow some Tostada's and chips and dip.
Might even make some Quesadillas( YUM)

You know i try to write everyday...But my life just isn't that interesting guys.. lol I try to hit you with the highlights the highs and the lows the things that i'm looking forward to ect.
I don't know i also think it some times more is going on in life and therefore you have more interesting things to write about.
I'll definitely be writing about Tomorrow and how it goes...
And how things work out.
I think that's all for now.
I hope you have a Wonderful Easter Sunday.

and i hope that you don't forget the True Reason why we celebrate.

"Christ is risen from the dead trampling over death by death come awake come awake Come and rise up from the Grave!"