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2016-03-26 00:55:51 (UTC)

Openly complimented

Mood: Happy
Song: just the Girl By click five
Color: Blue

The is currently a Chihuahua sitting on my shoulder....
Chance is a weird dog, cute but weird, like all chihuahau's are.
Well that's not how i planned to start this entry -_-

Anyways yeah so i actually got out of the house today(since I've been sick all week.) I drove my Mom to town we ran errands and then came home.
I felt exhausted and still do the late nights and feeling like crap, and what's worse i don't think anyone knows or cares that i've been sick.
That's pathetic...
that's life some times.

But when we were in the dreaded Wall Mart i was openly complimented by an older lady i was walking up the isle and she was walking down on the other side as i pasted her i made brief eye contact and smiled at her and then went on but she reached out and grabbed my arm and said that i was a very pretty lady. she was enthusiastic.
I just said thank you and went on as did she.

I think it's nice when people do that, when they surprise you by saying or doing something nice(makes you want to believe in humanity)
I didn't feel pretty today, i was wearing no make up( cause who wants to wear make up when they are sick? it just double irrittes your eyes and nose even.
My hair was straightened though and i was wearing my Peach shirt...idk
But she was sweet and so Even though i said it then i say it now again thank you for the compliment kind stranger.
It was memorable to me and so i hope to be more like you so that maybe i can make someone else smile and make them feel good even if for just a moment.

I wish that peoples finger nails just magically became what ever color the person wanted them to be when they thought about it.
Like i could think "Gold" or "Green" or "Black" and my finger nails would just become that color.

I wish that teleportation were a real thing and that i could do it to be here and in the UK and in Australia or anywhere at any time that i wanted or needed to be there.
You know?

I finished the first Percy Jackson book last night and i'm what Five chapters into the second book.
So far so good, i find myself wanting the minor characters and even the main characters to be better developed and well rounded people... maybe that aspect gets better as we go?
Here's hoping.

Anyway Easter is Sunday and we'll have a program at church and we my family and i were invited to have lunch with one of the family's in the church, i don't know if we are or not... Mom seems warmed up to the idea, i don't know what i think. I guess i'm okay either way.
Easter isn't about the services or the dinners or candy(though even as an adult i find myself hoping to get some yes i know i'm weird)

Easter is about how Christ died and Rose from the grave and how he won the victory over death and over sin.
What an amazing thing.
It's thanks to him that We are alive and that we are as blessed as we are.
I hope we never forget and never take it for granted.

Josh keeps trying to get a hold of me to talk more about his food truck venture and i've kind of been avoiding him...a lot.
i don't know why he expects me to know everything...
I mean some times he's a bone head, i mean he's looking at school bus's..... I have no words -_-

and with that i leave this entry in hopes of maybe finding some sleep?
I know it's early but i am so tired.
I'm ready for them to be back so that i can be off Baby setting duty.
Oh boy i see a seven year old bleeding...Got to go..