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2016-03-24 00:59:22 (UTC)

Another busy day

Glad I been getting up early everyday. It does not matter how
horrible I feel. When the phone starts ringing....I must get
to work. We had about 5 more inquiries regarding my latest
listing. The boss and I were talking all between
loads of laundry...I was doing some cleaning here...and then I
would call someone to get their email so I could send them

I hope we get some more commercial business this year. I love
doing it better.

Plus...I located a loan company that will finance a singlewide.
I will be working on that tomorrow.

Plus...he wants me to call the guy back about cutting the bushes
down too...and touch base making sure we are still on. It should
be raining some by end of week...but maybe Tuesday...we can get it

I will be in a class in two I want this done before then.

Not sure what email website you guys like the best. I am trying to
weed out yahoo. Too much spam. And when you delete comes that list of last weeks emails....that sucks.

I have been using AOL for a while. But today...when I needed it
the freaked out on me. "Sorry, your settings...are
not working right now, please try again later"

Then later...when he call me about one I had sent....when I was
trying to pull it up...the emails were not in order. Instead
of the last one....the first one was from 2014. TWO YEARS OLD.

It was like someone else was messing with my took
a while to find it.

Anyway...I had to use GMAIL today several times.
I need to set up a signature..on there if I can...

I have noticed a lot of people use it.....
but I will miss AOL....

I need to use one...and pick the one I intend to use...
cause I will be ordering new cards and stuff...need
one that will work.

I hate it when things stop working right.

I have been hurting a lot today. My legs almost feel like
I have fluid buildup...that is causing pain. Just not sure
what to do...anymore.

one day at a time