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2016-03-23 19:18:32 (UTC)

Books meds, and Music

mood: Ugh...
Song: Maybe by Sick puppies
Color: Bronze

Gosh i forgot how much i loved this song^
I can see myself in it...
Always have since i first heard it years ago what i think it was released in 2009...i could be wrong.
So my friends a while back were talking about the Percy Jackson movies and how good they were and when i told then i hadn't seen them they freaked out and said we have to watch them!
I said i wasn't going to watch the movies unless i read the books first( you cannot watch movies before reading the book...that's just my rule for myself.
and so...I decided to read the books.
They are a bit younger than my age group but i like the concept of the story so far and who cares if it's meant for kids, heck alot of the books we young adults like were meant for kids... Chronicles of Narnia, Eragon, ect.
I like the book so far i'm about a third of the way through the first book already and i just started earlier.
I finished Eleanor and Park last night.
I both love and hated how she left it.
Loved it because it felt like a fitting ending for the book and for the characters you leave then sharing a private moment, as if they are real and their lives continue after you shut the book they go on even if we don't get to see it in the pages but hated it because it was the end and i find myself wanting a sequel to see what becomes of them despite the fact that as characters they deserve to have that moment and Their own private story.
(yeah i get really into the books i read)

Anyway with how sick i'm feel and being unable to sleep reading is a good option it is peaceful and entertaining and doesn't get boring the way watching TV or movies sometimes gets for me.
I can't imagine not being able to read...
I think i'd go insane.

Anyways i need to go take some medicine so i'm ending this one here,

Hope your feeling better than i am!
Go read a book!