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2016-03-22 23:57:25 (UTC)

Another day of pain

Still getting things done although the pain sucks out loud.
I called the doctors office to see about getting another shot.
The insurance company has not approved another shot. Although
I just sent them almost 700 bucks this week. In the meantime,
my knee is throbbing. I will just have to be in pain until the
insurance company approves that shot. I need something.

I left this morning to go ride by some of the properties I had
found for this elderly couple who only can spend 60k. None of them
were very nice. I knew they would not work. So it was a wasted
trip. Hoping something comes up soon....I would love to help them.

So, I went to Ross Dress and looked around a little. I found two
dresses and a couple of tops only 65 bucks for all that. Then
I went to Dress Barn to try on pants. I could not find anything.
I did try on a dress. It was a size 18. It fit. I did not get
it. I will lose weight. Not going to wear a damn size 18. But
I did get a pair of crop pants...size 16W. And a pair of long
ones both in white. Nothing at all that I could wear to a meeting.
But I have those dresses. So, I am good.

I was about to wet my pants. But I headed home.

I was wore slap out when I got home.

still had things to do here....I wanted to check for new
listings for those folks just in case....but nothing.

Talked to the boss about a couple things...and should expect
some information about that office deal...we have three people
now considering it. I believe it will be under contract next
week. Then, We can list the owners residence. Her and her
husband are moving to Texas. Said her son lives there. She
found a place just like this area...and is ready to get there
as soon as possible.

I can not wait to put that house on the market. It will not
take long to see it either.

I cooked light today..he will be off Friday and the rest of
weekend. Hoping that man comes back to take the bushes down.

I need to be walking but with a knee throbbing constantly...

Maybe tomorrow will be better