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2016-03-22 19:40:10 (UTC)

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose

Mood: Exhausted
Song: Young Blood by the Naked and Famous
Color: Red/ Bronze

I've been sick since Sunday night, i think i had alot of anxiety and anger and diet changes which...can make you sick sometimes but i think just the combination of it all i just crashed which you probably expected if you've kept up with my diary lately, i think i have a pattern of build up and then Crash.

Anyway yeah so Sunday night i got a horrible sore throat and i still have it now my nose is stopped up which means sleeping was...difficult and i took nyquil so i was in a drugged sick sleep which means that i had some weird and some Bad dreams.
and it was a very restless sleep so i just feel tired i woke up and fell back asleep so many times.
but i dragged my self out of bed to go down stairs and make my self some tea and force some food down.
I talked with my grandma for a while.
Now i'm back up stairs in bed i need to take some medicine but that would require me walking the 3 feet to my bath room medicine cabnet
Ugh i just feel so tired.

Yes I know i sound lazy complaining pathetic person right now so... i'm going to stop taling about how i feel and how much my eyes ears mouth and nose are bothering me.

Side note i want to be able to wrap the full Blackalicious's Alphabet Aerobics... I can do like A-C strait and then i know like a few of the other letters but...i can't just go non stop all the way through.
(it's one of the few rap songs i like which when i say i don't like a lot of rap...people tend to judge but what ever.
I like a few by B.O.B

it's the end of March and i've totally neglected my Reading, my goal was to read 50 books i haven't read before this year i think i'm at...oh wait let me look at my list...
I've read 8 and i'm half way through the 9th(I'm currently reading Elenor and Park
(if ya'll have any good books either series or stand alone to recommend i'd love that.
and i"m open to almost anything i read both fiction and non fiction,
horror, Romance, Si-Fi, Mystery, i'm just kinda open.
It can be new or old, classics or what ever if it's a book that you read that touched you and you love than tell me about it!
Cause i'm going to need some suggestions.

So far(this year) I've read basically just YA Books but i'm open to exploration

Here's what i've read so far

1. Vampire Academy By Richelle Mead
2. Frost bite by Richelle Mead
3. Shadow kissed By Richelle Mead
4. Blood Promise By Richelle Mead
5. Spirit Bound By Richelle Mead
6. Last Sacrifice By Ricelle Mead
7. To all the Boy's I've loved before BY Jenny Han
8. P.S I still love you By Jenny Han

tell me what i should check out next guys and maybe i'll read and write about it.

Anyways i think i'll read and maybe take a nap and hopefully not feel like this later...