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2016-03-21 22:27:48 (UTC)

Later in day

I was so upset this morning still from the nasty note on my car
I could hardly talk to that man. I was concerned my man would
not like the price, but instead he was delighted that it is
handled. So, everyone around here is settling down some.

My business is booming....

I am working on looking for student housing property in Boone...and
it is really creating relationships for me in that line of the
business. I am more and more excited about it. Learning something
new is always a good thing.

I have a lady looking to move in this county...she is ready...and
eager to get started soon. So, I am working on that. She is not
spending much but it seems like she is running from a bad situation...
so I am trying to be careful where I show her...I like people to
end up happy.

That office condo has two different people interested in it...
and asking for more information...which I will have ready for
them by Friday. I predict that property will be under contract next week at least.

By next week..these bushes will be down...and I can start picking
out a fence. I was joking with my son about choosing the worse
most horrible color I could....instead of something that would
actually go with her house....and Mr. nice guy...."oh mama, don't
do that...just pick something nice looking so she will finally
be happy and be done with it" He thought I was serious.

Maybe by being nice about it, she will be more willing to move
the light....

We have new neighbors moving in today too. I hope they are
good ones...and stay the hell away from me.

I like my privacy...and do not have time to listen to people's
life stories....

which reminds me....

I need to work on my novel.