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2016-03-21 15:04:03 (UTC)

Bushes coming down..

Well, my weekend was ruined. I was in bed all day yesterday hurting
from head to toe. My nerves were shot. He asked me to make some
calls today...and I did. I believe in fate. I called the guy who
was recommended by the fence company...and he just happened to be
up the road from my house. He came right away to take a look at
the bushes and give me an estimate.

He is going to call a "locater" company to come out to locate any
cables that may be underground....and will start on getting them
out within 72 hrs. He will be removing them, grading and planting
grass where they had been......and he is charging me 1450.00 to do
all that.

Then, I can get the fence company out here to put up a privacy fence.
A 6 ft...if not higher....hoping this will take care of the property
line and bush issue. I am sick of hearing about it.

Also sick of hearing her damn barking dog. My daughter is working
on the rules and regulations about that....and after the fence
is installed...we will be making some complaints....

I called the power company to complain about her street light...
they said they have solutions to solve the problem...but she
will have to call them to resolve it.


I am going to tan....figure out what to have for dinner...
and get this day started.

I feel like I have accomplished something.