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2016-03-19 21:44:41 (UTC)

Things I hate that people do

Mood: Sad, Hurt, Angry, Alone
Song: Welcome to my life By Simple plan(this is fitting)
Color: Dark purple

I'm so tired and i can't even right now I'm so angry and i am hurt and tired and i just want them to get theirs you know? you ever just want justice? or even to not feel like the victim!
Where even your friends shrug you of both physically and virtually.
any ways to vent this is a list of things in no particular order that i wish people didn't do because it sucks.

1. Minimize your feelings.
2. Shrug you off.
3. Lie
4. Abandon you.
5. Believe lies about you or people you love.
6. Leave.
7. Kick you when your down.
8. Tell you what you think or feel is pointless.
9. Turn the situation over on you.
10. Be fake.
11. Hurt you and people you love.
12. Act like your a friend and then betray you.
13. Be two faced.
14. Abuse your Loyalty.
15. To leave you in the dark(not tell you things you deserve to know)
16. Leave you out.
17. When people become Toxic but you love them anyway.
18 Belittle you.
19. Act like they know everything and understand just how your feeling.
20. Act high and mighty.
21. Run away like cowards instead of facing up to what you actually think, feel, and do.
22. Act like their responsible for any good growth in the people around them when in reality they've cause more bad Habits and set backs! like a Pharisee.
23. Never shut up.
24. Never come clean completely only say as much as people know.
25. Say Emotionally harming things that stick with you basically forever.

okay thats all for now...
I've got to go do something, anything but this basically.