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2016-03-19 17:41:03 (UTC)

It does not take much to upset me

So....first thing. I go to tan today. Forgot to take out my
contacts. So, that was a wasted trip. I will not even risk that.

I got home to find this note flapping in the wind on my rear window
wiper. Must have been there when I was from the neighbor
behind us.....

" Hey Neighbor,
Because the yellow Bells between us are overgrown
with honeysuckle I am going to pay someone to dig
them up. I will plant something else. If you have a
problem, please let me know by 3/20/16"

The bleeding heart animal lover...just so it is her animals..
not the rabbits that live under those yard is
known as rabbit some of the kids around here...
always rabbits running around.....

I had just picked up the mail too....and apparently my
husband had not paid my insurance for last had
lapsed. I showed him the note from the neighbor first...

We disgust it. We decided to call someone to come dig them
up ourselves so I can have a privacy fence installed as soon
as they are up. I do not want her to plant any thing.

No telling what she would plant.

So, a man is on his way here to give us a estimate now...
on getting them up. Then I will call someone else to put up
the fence...

if he did not keep our yard looking like the cover of
WHITE TRASH LIVES HERE MAGAZINE, I could just plant something...
and leave it. But no....way I need a privacy fence to remove
the line of the mess I see every time I pull into
the driveway.

I am okay with it. We were going to do this anyway....
in the spring..he said. Well, that is next week.

So, hoping the cost does not kill him when he hears it.

I am just happy he is working or he would be out there trying
to do it himself...and there is no telling what type of fence
I would end up with. I intend to pick something nice...

and she will pay nothing. It is not her responsibility.

Then....I told him about the insurance. He checked the
checkbook and said they were correct...he forgot to pay it...
and he wrote out a check to take care of it right away.

I took a valium. My chill pill.

Plus...I am running low in my account. I am going to
get my son to help me out...and I will help him pay his
taxes next month.

Life is a struggle.....